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CONTACT ME ONLY VIA E-MAIL, PLEASE, I cannot use DA notes! My email is handmade-anime(AT)

I accept any plushie commissions (anime, cartoons, animals, cosplay accessories) except works which needs work with glass, fimo clay or metal. I use only HQ fabrics for my plushies and I guarantee highest quality of sewing.

Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting my gallery!

At first I need to apologize for my disappearance during winter season. I had really, really  hard times (I got two several diseases, and two of my family members are passed away – my grandma and my cat). Because of death of my very beloved cat I should ask for limited time restriction on plushie orders of Siamese colored fluffy cats :( I’m sorry but it’s too heartbreaking for me right now.

Second: I lost access to my gmail T_T Please, all questions about commissions – to email handmade-anime(AT) ONLY. I cannot read DA notes. If you wrote to my gmail, please, forward message to handmade-anime(AT) – I will reply asap!


After July 10 I will accept very few order just because of I will work on anime convents and will need to sew tons of stuff for local sales ._. It will last up to September 15 or so.

Also, reminding that I have a store on etsy :)

Current categories:

Anime/cosplay plush:…

Original cat plushies:…

Original bunny plushies:…

Original owl plushies:… and…


Pokemon:… (I will mostly update this category during April – planning to sew a lot of new pokes :) )

Games related plush:… (chibi Taokaka, Rouge the Bat and some another are coming soon)

Adventure Time:… (Finn coming soon)

Please don’t search for commission price charts in my DA – I don’t have any. All commission plush prices are calculated manually because of price severely varies on which fabric is used, what’s plushie size, difficulty level, etc etc etc. Don’t be shy and just email me :)

Thanks a lot!

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NyosKieraa 6 days ago  New member
When you get this can you please respond to my comments or my message on Etsy..?
Rens-twin Apr 11, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hello to everyone, I'm back!
Huge sorry for worrying with such a long silence, I had several health troubles and also total disaster in my family, it was too hard winter for me and I had no chance to be online too often. I have no even single assistant who can help me with international communications (no one of my "helping hands" knows english T_T)

Right now all paid orders are served and I don't owe anything to anyone (I HOPE SO O_O If I by any chance forgot someone - email me please, I'll respond asap!).

Special message to Chika Kawada - PLEASE, if you're visiting my gallery, check your email! If you have any trouble with your order, tell me, what happened? I emailed you 3 times but got no any answer, but I got notice from paypal that you tried to open a dispute. I'm worrying very much! Sorry for publishing it here, I don't know how to reach you ;_; 

Once again, just in case if someone not noticed - please email me only to mailru. I got access to my tknk gmail. if you wrote something to gmail - please forward to my regular email address.

thanks for reading!
Ah, no Problem. Trouble in the family is bad. I hope, it's now better .
WildRukarai Apr 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I emailed you about the commission that we were discussing and such and I sent the  paypal transaction about a month or two ago so I hope the email goes through again ;u;
Hi fellow Ren fans.  I know a lot of us are waiting for plushies, including myself, but like others have said: Ren is 110% reliable and will ALWAYS deliver a great product.

I'm more concerned over her well-being because of how MIA she is.  I'm simply worried about her, I hope she is okay.  If anyone has heard from her, please let me know.
Hey there, I've received several emails from Renchan over the course of the past few months. I received one email five days ago. She's mostly alright, but she has had a bit of a rough patch in the past months, and she needs to focus on that right now a little more than on commissions. Her lack of communication has nothing to do with Putin and Obama or the entire Ukraine crisis.

With that being said, she is an extremely reliable person, and will undoubtedly complete all of your commissions as soon as she's up to the task. You can check all of the plushies I have received from her somewhere earlier in this comments section, there's an imgur link somewhere. 

Please do not send mean or condescending emails or messages to Renchan. She's a great person and if anything deserves some love and support right now. I understand that it can be frustrating to have someone not mail you back for a few weeks or months, but please bear with her. I have received five plushies from her in the past and have commissioned her for four more. They have all been excellent! I'm certain that whatever plushie you are waiting for will be absolutely fantastic. 

Please just give her some time. Thank you!
I hope that this was a general post to anyone coming to the page, and not a chastisement of me or StolkholmPudding in specific. I never said I was angry, nor that I had or would send mean or condescending emails to her. :S I was worried, not irate ^^;
No, my message was directed to anyone visiting the page, not to you or pudding specifically. Sorry, I didn't mean any offense, I'm sure you or pudding didn't send any angry emails to Rens. Sorry my message came out that way, I should have been more clear.

It's just that I read from Rens' conversations that she sometimes receives emails directly insulting her or being condescending to her because she has a tough time getting back to her customers because of technical issues and volume. It greatly upsets her, as it would anyone, when people treat her like that. Some commissioners even venture into racist territory when they cancel their requests solely because Rens is from Russia, with the whole "Cold War II" thing going on. Few things upset me more than ignorant discrimination.

That's why I left this message directed to everyone visiting the page, not just you guys, telling people to display some patience and empathy towards Rens rather than slinging hurtful comments at her. I understand that waiting this long can be frustrating, but Rens is super reliable, and is not only a fantastic artist but is a fantastic person as well.

Sorry for the misunderstanding Rinjapine. :(
I'm worried, too. I've been trying to get ahold of her for a few months now with no response whatsoever, which isn't like her from what I've experienced. Someone else commented on here back in January that she was very sick of something, so I hope nothing bad has happened to her, especially since she  hasn't logged in for 7 weeks. :S I'm also wondering if the Russian/Ukrainian thing might be part of it. I don't know if Putin might have blocked email contact from other counties? (I like in the US, so conceivable that US email is blocked from Russia right now or something). Wish I knew! Hope we find out something soon and that she's ok!
Thankfully I can give you an update!  I just got a message from her!  She's ok, just some things have been going on in her life (I'll let her decide who she discloses that information to).

As for those with commissions, she will be true to all of them.  If for some reason she can't make one, she would give a refund.

But thank goodness she's ok.  I'm glad that I can at least report she's contacted me. :)
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